Core Industrial & Safety
  Brooms - Mops
Quality brushware makes sweeping, mopping and brushing so much easier.We recommond "OATS" superior products for the job.The choice is too great to list them all.
  • Mops
    Squeeze Mops and Cotton Mops
  • Buckets
    Wringer Buckets,Window Buckets,Standard Buckets
  • Dusters
    Feather Dusters,Wool Dusters,Telescopic Dusters
  • Small Brushware
    Dustpan Sets,Lobby Pan Sets,Toilet Brush Sets
  • Squeegees
    Floor sqeegees and Window Squeegees
  • Scrubs and Scours
    Scrubbing Brushes,Hand Scours, Floor Scubs and Scrapers
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